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Welcome to CAY!

Founded in 2011 by Rabbi Chezzi and Sima Denebeim, Chevra Ahavas Yisroel is a grass-roots Shul in Crown Heights, created as a spiritual gathering place for all Jews, regardless of background or affiliation. Founded on the principle of Ahavas Yisroel, our Shul keeps an open attitude of love and acceptance.

We seek to galvanize the basics of Judaism in a relevant manner through joyful song-filled prayer and contemporary programming while maintaining an unwavering commitment to Halacha and the spirit of Chassidus.

Above all else, our Shul is a peoples' Shul. Entirely volunteer-run, CAY is for the people by the people. We count our true success in inspiring creativity, innovation, and leadership amongst our congregants.

Our Mission

The mission of Chevra Ahavas Yisroel is to provide a platform for joyful Jewish expression that is infused with unconditional love and wholehearted acceptance for each and every Jew, all of humankind, and all of G-D’s creations. We aim to harness the power of community to better ourselves, our neighborhood, and the world.

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Our Details

306 Albany Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213
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High Holidays

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Mincha followed by Kabbalas Shabbos & Maariv: Beginning at candle lighting

Shabbos day

Chassidus: 9 am
Shachris: 10 am
CAY Kids: 10 am - 1 pm
Kiddush: 1 pm


Programs & Parties

We host weekly Shiurim lectures, social events, and holiday parties. Something is happening daily. The best way to keep in touch is by joining our mailing list. See below.

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Are you a Grateful Yid?

Our shul is solely funded by our community and its members. Please join our Grateful Yid program for just $30/month. Thank you for your partnership and for making our glorious CAY dream come true.



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The Board

It takes very many people to make CAY happen. The below people took on the official responsibility to ensure its safety and success. We thank them for their enormous dedication to our Shul and community.

The Associate Board